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A relaxed & comfortable position while sleeping is crucial for a restful night. With a pillow tailored to your needs, you can support a healthy, relaxed sleeping posture and prevent tension the next morning. Start your pillow consultation now and find out which of our smart® PILLOWS suits you and your sleep best!

Your characteristics at a glance

sleeping position

Are you a back, side or stomach sleeper?

Which sleeping position you adopt at night determines the position of your head and places different demands on ergonomics, shape or hardness of the pillow.

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shoulder width

Do you have narrow, medium-width or wide shoulders?

Shoulder width can place different demands on the height, size or degree of hardness of the pillow, especially when lying on your side.

Sleeping conditions

Which mattress do you sleep on?

The hardness of your mattress determines how much your body sinks into it. How soft or hard it is can influence the appropriate pillow height.

Pillow features at a glance

Pillow size

You can decide as you wish whether you want a smaller or larger support surface and how much space the pillow should take up in your bed.

Cushion height

Your pillow should be high enough to prevent your spine from bending up or down. For orientation, you can carry out a simple measuring method that we explain in the sleep magazine.

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degree of hardness

Do you want to sink deep into your pillow or would you like it to offer a little more support? Your personal feeling decides whether your perfect pillow is soft and flexible or firm and highly supportive - i.e. soft, medium or hard?

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Do you still have questions?

No problem! In our FAQ you will find answers to frequently asked questions as well as a contact form if your concern is not listed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)