Was bedeuten Albträume?

What do nightmares mean?

Nightmares can be really distressing and keep us busy far beyond sleep. We'll explain here why they happen, what bad dreams mean and what you can d...

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Welche Kissenbezüge sind am besten?

Which pillowcases are best?

Silk, cotton or polyester – the fabric of your pillowcase can have various advantages and disadvantages for your skin, hair and sleep quality. We e...

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Tipps für die richtige Schlafkleidung

Tips for the right sleepwear

More than 90% of people are not satisfied with their body temperature while sleeping. Good pajamas can help you avoid sweating or freezing at night...

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Was ist Klarträumen?

What is lucid dreaming?

Being able to control your own dreams sounds super exciting. But can we really dream while fully conscious even though the body continues to sleep?...

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Schlaftagebuch auf dem Bett

How to keep a sleep diary

A sleep diary can help you better understand your own sleep behavior and document progress in improving sleep. You can find instructions on how to ...

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