Welcome to your SLEEP GUIDE! With in-depth expert knowledge, we would like to specifically support you in improving your sleep. In our 5 building blocks you will find out which points are important for a restful sleep.

#1 The right sleep routine

A good bed routine has a positive effect on our sleep. Maintain a healthy sleep-wake rhythm by maintaining regular bedtimes.

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#2 An optimal sleeping environment

A suitable sleeping environment is essential for good, restful sleep. You can find out what your sleeping environment should look like in our sleep magazine.

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#3 The right sleeping accessories

The right mattress and a suitable pillow ensure a comfortable and healthy sleeping position at night and have a decisive influence on the quality of our sleep.

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#4 Exercise & Relaxation

Regular physical activity and conscious relaxation rituals promote falling asleep and staying asleep.

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#5 Sleep-promoting diet in the evening

The wrong diet in the evening can have a negative impact on our sleep. With certain foods you can promote your sleep and your health.

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