Good sleep is the game changer for your performance!

Bad sleep in the gaming scene

In Germany alone, over 34 million people regularly play video games. Computer gamers sleep less compared to other people of the same age and one in six gamers goes to sleep later than planned - because, according to studies, they are more likely to forego sleep than to continue playing. And this despite the fact that sleep is not only important for our physical and mental health, but also crucial for performance in gaming.


Less sleep – more problems falling asleep

Bright screen light, little movement and exciting games with a high thrill factor lead to increased activation of the nervous system (arousal) in the evening and stand in the way of healthy sleep. The body and brain cannot rest and problems falling asleep or staying asleep are almost inevitable. You can also find further information and tips on this topic in our sleep magazine.

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e sports player foundation epf und smartsleep Kooperation zum Thema Schlaf und Regeneration im Gaming

smartsleep® im eSPORT

As an official product and competence partner of the eSports player foundation (efp), we support talent in professional eSports and ensure that the importance of good sleep, especially for young adults, is not forgotten.

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In everyday life or professional life and of course also among gamers, it is completely normal for the night to get a little shorter every now and then. Our smartsleep® ORIGINAL was therefore specially developed for sleep and supports your regeneration at night - even if you sleep a little less. According to an independent test by Giga Magazine, 9 out of 10 people would recommend smartsleep®.

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