How well do you sleep as a mental coach and hypnotherapist?

Beatrix Michels-Grötzsch is a mental coach and hypnotherapist and gives us a very personal insight into her sleeping behavior. She explains how sleep is related to mental health and gives us great tips for more balance and well-being in everyday life.

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  1. Our expert: Mental Coach Beatrix Michels-Grötzsch
  2. How well does the mental trainer & hypnotherapist sleep?
  3. Tips & useful information about mental health

1. Our expert: Mental Coach Beatrix Michels-Grötzsch

Beatrix Michels-Grötzsch, Expertin für Mentale Gesundheit und Hypnose

Our sleep depends on many different factors and even as an expert in the field you are not immune to a bad night. Beatrix Michels-Grötzsch is a mental coach, hypnotherapist and communication trainer. She has been helping people improve their mental health for more than 15 years. In our Podcast she told us how she makes her everyday life sleep-friendly. We give you an overview of the most interesting answers here.

2. How well does our mental health expert sleep?

[An interview with Beatrix Michels-Grötzsch]

Would you generally say that you sleep well?

I sometimes sleep well and sometimes I sleep worse. The nice thing is that I actually use my opportunities to sleep better again. So for me there are also nights or times when I don't sleep so well, but overall I enjoy it and sleep well.

Are you more of a late riser or a short riser? Approximately how many hours a night do you sleep?

I'm actually a light sleeper. I get by really well with five or six hours and then I'm refreshed and awake. I think that I have a very rested sleep and can get by with fewer hours because I mentally relax very well or can find peace very well in these few hours.

Are you more of a lark or an owl?

I'm a night owl, I'm often awake at night because I have really good ideas in the evenings and at night and can work well. So I'm already an owl. And for me, waking up in the morning actually initially means “Oh, is the night over?” and then I immediately get this “I’m looking forward to the day” feeling and then I get up very quickly.

But I'm more of a person who still needs the rest time to wake up. So I'm awake and looking forward to the day, but then I just want to drink my cup of coffee in peace and be with myself.

Do you have a morning routine to start the day better?

My motivation is my routine for getting up in the morning. What really positive things will the day bring me, what do I have to accomplish today? Or what will I be able to experience today? What am I looking forward to? And so I actually start the day energetically well and then there is the taste of coffee. That's my morning ritual.

Do you drink a lot of coffee during the day? lots of caffeine?

I love the taste of coffee and of course I know that it can be a bit of a boost and that means that I often have to use my own methods in the evening to wind down again. I claim that I don't need caffeine but that I just like it and say to myself: So, I'm going to take my time for myself, I'll sit away from the desk and then drink my coffee comfortably. This is something that is part of it for me. So don't drink in between, coffee is a pleasure for me. This happens two or three times a day.

You are a positive person, have you always been this positive?

I am actually a happy person. I was a happy child, a happy teenager, a contented adult. And I have always had this happiness, this positive thinking within me. Of course there are times in me when I forget that life is beautiful and then I really try to direct my thoughts and always look at where the solution and where the problem lies. Try to allow myself to be happy, to be content, to allow myself to be healthy. And I can also complain and complain sometimes. But for me there is this sentence: Complaining with a happy ending! So I can complain now and then I'll see how I can find a positive path. How can the whole thing develop positively?

And if we manage to turn whining into something that helps us move forward, then we can whine a little.

How did you decide to accompany other people as a mental and motivational coach?

I have actually been approached very often by people who said: “You radiate this energy. You simply motivate me with your style.” I'm already a perfectionist, so I have to be able to do something before I do it, even though I've actually already done it. I actually decided to go into coaching through the coaching association.

Now I can use my motivation in a well-founded manner with the psychological knowledge and all the methods I have learned. It was important to me that I could combine them.

How can we go through life more positively and happily?

There is a wonderful tip. If I say, “I'm always annoyed that my husband does such and such or that my son does such and such. Or my colleague. Whoever.Then I ask: Do you think this person got up this morning thinking about what he could do to upset you? Normally it is not like that, but this person is just the way he is. And when I no longer take this against myself, but see, okay, I can only change myself and then I can simply see this path from the other side.

If I consciously direct my thoughts towards the positive, then I can achieve a lot. And that doesn't mean that there aren't things that are stupid and that make our lives and our thoughts difficult. But then to look, okay, we have the situation, it is essential, we cannot change it. So, what's the next step to accept it?

Let's allow ourselves to let things be as they are and then avert them, then redirect them, make our thoughts positive. What good can come from this? My mother once said that there is nothing so bad that something good doesn't come out of it.

Do you also have a specific evening routine?

I've learned to listen to myself and that's why it's not really a routine that I have, but when I notice in the evening that I'm tired, then I go to bed, even though the movie or the book isn't over yet has not yet been read to the end. But I also love to just sit on my couch and notice the silence when everything around me has become quiet. Perceiving the silence is really something great and then we go to bed.

What is your favorite tip for sleeping better and feeling better?

Just get involved in something new. I like to say: Happiness is a matter of training. Sometimes it doesn't come on its own and you need support. My recommendation is to simply have the courage to get this support. How does it feel when I work with a mentor, coach, advisor, etc. speak? And if it makes me feel good and it helps me sleep better, then it's something that can really be beneficial.

3. Tips & interesting facts about mental health

In our special podcast series about mindfulness, mental health and hypnosis you can learn even more about Beatrix Michels-Grötzsch and find out exciting details about her work as a motivational coach and hypnotherapist. Click here for the podcast ➨

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Hypnosetherapeutin und Mental Coach Beatrix Michels-Grötzsch

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