We started with a single supplement - today we stand for a wide range of support for good sleep.

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The lion's den

On September 18, 2018, the founders appeared before the “The Lions’ Den” jury and immediately convinced all five investors of our idea. With the largest deal in the show's history to date, smartsleep® was able to develop further and create many new products related to sleep.


The founding of smartsleep®

Together with design and brand experts Daniel Matthieu and Burk J. Ulrich, Markus worked on an innovative solution that would offer
people around the world better sleep. In 2015 they finally founded Smart Sleep GmbH and laid the foundation for a well-rested and successful future.

Ab 2004

Little sleep and a well-rested idea

smartsleep® founder Dr. Markus Dworak has been dealing with the fascinating topic of sleep for almost 20 years. He conducted research as a scholarship holder at Harvard University (USA) and was awarded the Young Talent Prize of the German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine. Despite his experience, Markus often missed out on sleep and from then on he looked for products that could support sleep naturally and without side effects.

Quality for sleep

We develop our products with experienced experts and produce under the highest quality standards exclusively in Germany and Europe. We value controlled working conditions and use sustainable and recyclable packaging materials whenever possible.

smartsleep für sauberen Sport und Antidoping Jama Saidi Boxer im Ring

Our commitment to clean sport

All of our smartsleep® products have been tested for banned substances and are free of performance-enhancing substances and harmful substances.

(Training for a good night's sleep

eSports Player Foundation

Healthy sleep plays a big role, especially for young adults. That's why we're proud to be an official partner of the esports Player Foundation to improve the sleep of ambitious esports players and to educate them about the risks of inadequate sleep

IST Study Institute

Together with the IST Study Institute, we offer in-depth training to become a sleep coach as well as further training and further education opportunities relating to sleep.

Further information

Advice and further training

The team around the experienced sleep researcher Markus is constantly training and is available to advise not only customers, but also selected partner companies on the subject of sleep.

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