The passion flower – natural help for relaxation and sleep

Passionflower is particularly known for its calming, anti-anxiety and antispasmodic effects and is considered a herbal remedy for sleep disorders and inner restlessness. But how does the relaxing effect of passion flower arise and what numerous physical and psychological complaints can it alleviate? You can find out all this and how it can also help as a quick and natural support against problems falling asleep and staying asleep and improve your sleep here.

Table of Contents

      1. The passion flower
      2. Ingredients and effects of passionflower
      3. Positive properties of passionflower
      4. Application of passion flower
      5. Passionflower & Sleep
      6. The passion flower as a remedy
      7. Conclusion

        1. The passion flower

        The passion flower (Passiflora Incarnata) belongs to the passion flower family and originally comes from the southeast of what is now the USA. The small plant with its characteristic flowers measuring up to 18 cm in size reached Europe in the 17th century. Century by European sailors.

        Passionflower is now considered a popular ornamental plant, but can also be used as an effective natural remedy. Among other things, it is said to have a calming, sleep-inducing, relaxing and anti-anxiety effect. The natives of Central and South America used the plant as a natural sedative and antidepressant, and scientific studies are increasingly confirming that passionflower has numerous positive properties for our body and mind. It is particularly known as a natural remedy for restlessness and sleep disorders.

        2. Ingredients and effects of passionflower

        Passion flower herb is mainly used as a dietary supplement or homeopathic medicine. These are the dried, crushed or cut above-ground parts of the plant from which extracts, tinctures and powders are obtained and processed into tablets, coated tablets or capsules.

        The unique composition of the ingredients is responsible for the versatile effects of passion flower. The herb contains, among other things, flavonoids, coumarins, glycosides as well as essential oil and essential fatty acids. Flavonoids are secondary plant substances that are particularly useful in combination with other ingredients (e.g. b essential oils) are said to have a relaxing and calming effect on our psyche by starting in the brain and central nervous system and acting on the messenger substance GABA. GABA inhibits the nerve reactions in the brain and makes us react less strongly to emerging stimuli. In this way, strong inner restlessness, tension and feelings of stress can be reduced and relaxation can be promoted.

        Since passionflower is also considered to lower blood pressure and have antispasmodics, it is also used in traditional medicine and homeopathy for mild high blood pressure or gastrointestinal complaints.

        3. Positive properties of passionflower

         The passion flower extracts work.

        • calming

        • anxious

        • relaxing

        • antispasmodic

        • lowering blood pressure

        4. Uses of passion flower

        The passion flower is used in.

        • inner unrest

        • Stress states

        • Difficulty falling asleep

        • Irritability

        • Nervousness

        • Anxiety

        • increased sense of stress

        • Depressed mood

        5. Passionflower & Sleep

        Passionsblume wirkt schlaffördernd und hilft gegen Schlafstörungen.

        A healthy sleep is very important for us. In addition to numerous other causes, stress, nervousness and restlessness in particular can promote the development of sleep disorders and make it difficult to fall asleep in the evening or sleep through the night. One of the most important prerequisites for healthy and restful sleep is to relax and find peace before going to bed. No matter whether physical or psychological: stress disrupts the hormonal balance and hinders the natural process of falling asleep.

        The herbal healing power of passion flower can support sleep and improve falling asleep. It calms the nervous system and also lowers blood pressure. In this way, it prepares the body for rest and sleep and helps protect our nerves from too many or negative stimuli. If tension, restlessness or fears are responsible for poor sleep, the medicinal plant can not only alleviate the symptoms of sleep difficulties, but also directly combat the cause.

        Did you know that certain foods also influence falling asleep?

        6. The passion flower as a remedy

        Passionsblum wirkt schnell und einfach als natürliches Mittel gegen Schlafstörungen oder Stress

        As a tablet, capsule, dragee or tea – passionflower is available in various dosage forms. A big advantage of the medicinal plant is that there are hardly any undesirable side effects to be expected when taking it, although allergic reactions are rare but possible. Incidentally, passionflower is considered one of the best herbal remedies for sleep disorders because, in contrast to many other calming medicinal plants such as hops, lavender or valerian, our ability to concentrate and our mental performance remain full when taking preparations with passionflower herb despite the effective relaxing and sleep-inducing effect received!

        7. Beautiful flower with a strong effect

        The passion flower is a real all-rounder and has more than earned its popularity both as a flowering ornamental plant, but also as an effective and natural support against sleep disorders, stress, inner unrest and numerous other problems.

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        8. Conclusion

        • The passion flower comes from Central and South America and has been used there for centuries as a sedative and antidepressant.

        • Thanks to unique ingredients, passion flower has a calming effect as well as tension, spasm and anxiety-relieving effects and can particularly help with inner restlessness, sleep disorders as well as states of anxiety and tension.

        • The medicinal plant acts quickly against tension, stress and nervousness and can thus improve sleep by making it easier to fall asleep and promote staying asleep.

        • As a dietary supplement or homeopathic remedy, passionflower herb extracts in particular are processed in capsules, powders, tablets or dragees and used in a variety of ways.

        Greetings and see you soon!

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