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Real expert tips for sleep and health! Our sleep and health professionals share their scientific know-how and talk about exciting topics and trends in the fields of sports, health, sleep and stress management.

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  1. The facets of sleep
  2. The expert for sleep & regeneration - Dr. Markus Dworak

1. The facets of sleep

Good sleep is valuable and one of the most important prerequisites for our health and daily well-being. However, we all know that it is not always easy to get enough and really restful sleep - because the "sleep" stage is sensitive and dependent on numerous internal and external influences. Our individual physical and mental state, the sleeping environment and our sleep routines play a crucial role in staying healthy in everyday life and regenerating optimally at night while we sleep. However, due to the multitude of influences, it can be difficult to find out what exactly we can do ourselves to ensure a really restful night and a rested start to the day.

With the sleep magazine and our podcast, we would like to advise you and not only entertain you, but also provide helpful information, tips and tricks about sleep and health - now even more intensive! Leading experts from the fields of sleep medicine, sports science and neuroscience are now supporting us in product development. Together we look at interesting facts, explain exciting phenomena and collect real expert tips on the topics of physical health, mental health, nutrition, fitness and much more.

All experts at a glance

2. Our expert for sleep and regeneration - Dr. Markus Dworak

smartsleep Experte Schlaf Regeneration Ernährung Dr. Markus Dworak

Markus is our expert in the areas of sleep regulation, metabolism and nutrients. You can now find out why the subject of sleep has become so dear to him and why he set up the panel of experts in the first place.

Markus, sleep plays a very special role in your life. Why?

I've always been interested in the question why every living being has to spend a large part of its life asleep - a state in which one is completely at the mercy of the external environment and which at first glance looks like one is doing nothing? But if you take a closer look at sleep, you can see the important role it plays in our health and well-being and how many processes, e.g. B our eating habits are also influenced by our sleeping habits. That really fascinates me and was also the driving force to deal with this topic for years and to found the smartsleep brand based on the knowledge gained, under which we continuously develop high-quality and effective products for better sleep for young and old.

What are your sleep specialties?

In my scientific career, I have dealt with how our sleep is regulated and why we need to sleep at all. Furthermore, I was very interested in the effects of sport, media and dietary habits on sleep and have also conducted several studies on this. Our study on media consumption and sleep even made it into the New York Times.

Why is the panel of experts important to you?

Progress and the emergence of new knowledge are progressing rapidly. So that in the important areas of health, sleep, sports, fitness, age, etc. To be able to continue to generate high-quality and scientifically sound content and products, we need know-how in many specialist areas. It is precisely for this reason that we have set up our panel of experts, in which high-ranking scientific experts can share the latest trends and findings with us.

Your 3 most important tips for a good night's sleep?

- A healthy bed routine

- A suitable sleeping environment

- Sufficient exercise & a healthy diet

Greetings & stay tuned for the upcoming posts!

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