The better sleep fair in Hanover

More attention to sleep! We visited the first sleep better trade fair in Hanover and will tell you what trends we discovered around sleep and the topics of sleep medicine, sleep environment and learning to sleep.

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  1. The better sleep fair in Hanover
  2. Why a mass for sleep?
  3. Our conclusion about the trade fair

1. They sleep better in Hanover

The sleep better trade fair is the new trade fair for healthier and better sleep and took place in Hanover for the first time this year. Sleep doctors, sleep coaches, specialists and well-known manufacturers of various sleep and medical products have come together to network and exchange ideas. What was special was the combination of a specialist conference and exhibition, which represented an interesting supporting program for both trade visitors and end consumers.

smartsleep Dr. Dworak Expertenrunde auf der besser schlafen Messe Hannover

Under the patronage of the German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine, it was not only about mutual networking, but also about information and education in the areas of sleep medicine, learning to sleep and the sleep environment. With exciting lectures, seminars and workshops, health experts and specialists from medicine, trade and industry were able to acquire new knowledge and use the opportunity to test the products on display directly on site. Our CEO and sleep expert Dr. Markus Dworak was invited to share his experience in sleep research with interested trade visitors.

2. Why a mass for sleep?

It has actually been known for a long time how important healthy sleep is for us. Nevertheless, many people are not yet very aware of this and there is also a lack of information and networking between different areas in the medical and therapeutic area, for example between pharmacies, doctors, physiotherapists or nutritionists. Our sleep has an influence on a wide variety of areas of life and in turn depends on numerous different influences. That's why it's fundamentally important to look at sleep holistically and take the many different influences into account.

As part of the sleep better trade fair, the focus was on three areas: sleep medicine, learning to sleep and the sleep environment.

smartsleep auf der besser schlafen Messe

Sleep Medicine

In the field of sleep medicine, a lot is currently focused on new applications and devices that are used in the treatment of sleep disorders. There are new, modern breathing masks and measuring devices that are used, for example, for obstructive sleep apnea. The development of digital sleep advice is also interesting. Practical apps that help us improve and analyze sleep, analyze sleep behavior and then provide us with advice - or put us in touch with a professional coach, doctor or therapist are becoming increasingly popular. These apps also work with the trendy digital sleep trackers, which we have already reported on in this post. Digitalization is also making itself felt in the medical sector.

Learning to sleep

Our sleep depends heavily on how we go about our everyday lives. With small changes in our behavior, diet or bedtime we can have a big influence on our sleep. To a certain extent, it is possible to “learn” how to sleep well. That's why it's important to educate people about good sleep hygiene. In our sleep magazine and our podcast you will already find lots of tips and information on how you can become active and support your sleep. We also see that a lot will happen in the area of ​​sleep coaching in the future and that there will be more and more opportunities to receive professional sleep advice through different networks.

Sleeping environment

In order to sleep well, you also need a suitable sleeping environment. The bed itself, the mattress, the pillow, the duvet, but also the sleeping atmosphere play an important role here. Many manufacturers rely on high ergonomics in their products and the individual adjustment of pillows and mattresses is becoming increasingly important. Bedding is increasingly being chosen specifically based on body size or shape. We have also seen some exciting digital applications with which the body can be analyzed via a camera in just a few seconds and, for example, a corresponding pillow can be recommended.

3. Our conclusion about the better sleep trade fair

Our conclusion about the trade fair is: A nice meeting place for better and healthy sleep - with a bit of potential for improvement. We are 100% behind the idea of ​​increasing awareness of good sleep. That's why we think it's good that the trade fair offers trade visitors, doctors, researchers and also end users the opportunity for mutual exchange, further training and networking. We are constantly working to improve our products and provide truly effective sleep support. We therefore keep an eye on the current trends in the area of ​​sleep products and the latest research knowledge and are happy about new concepts such as the better sleep trade fair.

Greetings and see you soon!

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