Sleep tips for gamers

GAME. SLEEP. REPEAT. In Germany alone, over 34 million people regularly play video games. Every 6th Gamer then goes to bed later than planned - sleep is important for our physical and mental performance and thus crucial for gaming performance.

Table of Contents

      1. Positive effects of gaming
      2. Gaming & Sleep
      3. The Gamer Sleep Guide

      1. Positive effects of gaming

      Gaming and eSports have long been part of our everyday life and are now much more than a simple leisure activity. Numerous studies have already shown that playing video games regularly can have a positive effect on the body and mind. Among other things, the

      are detected
      Improvement in cognitive and motor skills

      Researchers from the University of Iowa tested the effect of a game that focused on speed and strategic decision-making in people over 50. The surprising result: just 2 hours of playtime a day can improve cognitive abilities by up to 70% in the long term and slow down age-related deterioration. Another study also showed that video games in children could improve the so-called hand-eye coordination and promote the ability to react.

      Improvement of visual perception

      As early as 2007, a study by scientists from a New York University showed that just 30 hours of playing a ego shooter led to a significant improved spatial perception . The test subjects could clearly see small objects placed close together. According to a study, gamers can perceive fine contrast differences more than 50 percent better than their non-gaming fellow human beings.

      Increased sensitivity

      Researchers at the University of Rochester found that gamers develop an increased sensitivity to the events around them. This is noticeable in a wide variety of everyday things, for example when driving a car or finding your way around in unfamiliar areas.

      So as we can see, there seems to be some positive effects of gaming on various skills, brain function and brain structure. But: This only happens if we don't overdo it and can "switch off" once in a while - this is exactly where sleep comes into play! The brain needs breaks to recover and get better, and the most effective break for us humans is and remains sleep. Getting enough sleep is therefore an important factor in gaming power and performance.

      2. Gaming & Sleep

      A study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that gamers are more likely to miss sleep than play. Computer gamers sleep less than their peers. Studies have shown that playing games after 8:00 p.m. reduces average sleep time by 15 minutes. Above all, those who play games that are too exciting with a high thrill factor have an increased activation of the nervous system (arousal) and can have problems falling asleep as a result.

      So why should you, as a gamer, pay attention to a healthy sleep pattern?

      Fact #1: Our brains recover and improve, especially when we sleep.

      Especially in deep sleep, the brain processes new impressions and anchors structures and processes learned during the day in the memory - you can find out exactly how here. Intensive training to improve gaming skills is therefore only successful if attention is also paid to sleep.

      Fact #2: Our sleep is the key recovery period for our body.

      During sleep, the energy stores in the brain and muscles fill up, the immune system is strengthened and body cells are built up. Skin regeneration and regulation of the metabolism also take place. In short: your body recovers and collects new energy for the next day. If we sleep too little, the metabolism and the complexion change, our concentration and ability to learn decrease and the immune system is weakened. This affects both physical and mental performance - in other words, exactly the characteristics that play a decisive role in gaming!

      3. Sleep tips for gamers: The Gamer Sleep Guide

      Regardless of whether you are a professional athlete or a hobby gamer - we have compiled the most important tips for improving your sleep behavior in our Gamer Sleep Guide. Download now

      The Gamer Sleep Guide at a glance:

      • Sleep routine
        Pay attention to a healthy sleep-wake rhythm, it is best to go to bed regularly.
      • Sleeping environment
        Important: The bed is only for sleeping. The bedroom itself should also be quiet and dark and the temperature should be cool around 18 °C.
      • Shut down
        Body and mind also have to shut down and find some rest. Excitement and stress in the evening prevent you from falling asleep, so take a break and relax between the game and going to bed.
      • Nutrition
        Excessive consumption of caffeine, alcohol and heavy meals in the evening should be avoided so that the nervous system and digestion are not over-stimulated and have a negative effect on sleep

      In this sense: Good luck and have fun, but don't forget to sleep ;)

      Greetings and see you soon!

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